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Thomas Aquinas College believes that Catholic liberal education should be available to qualified students who desire it without regard to their ability to pay. It therefore accepts students without considering their financial means and provides financial aid for those who demonstrate need. After a student and his family make their best effort to meet tuition, room and board, the College endeavors to supply any remaining need with a Service Scholarship (work-study) and a grant.

Since all financial assistance provided by the College comes from charitable donations – most of which the College must seek on an annual basis – the College expects a student’s “best effort” to include taking a reasonably sized student loan and applying for any outside scholarships and grants for which he may readily qualify. This includes not only help available from state and federal governments, but also help such as National Merit Scholarships, local service club scholarships, high school awards, etc.

All students are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships and grants.
For a student who is not receiving assistance from the College, outside scholarships and grants can be a significant help for the student and his parents when paying for tuition, room and board.

If a student is receiving assistance from the College, outside scholarships and grants are the first resources used to meet the student’s financial need. They significantly ease the burden on the College and its donors, and they enable the student himself – the primary beneficiary of his education – to take responsibility for as much of the attendant costs of that education as he can. The attention and energy spent acquiring financial assistance from sources other than the College can moreover help the College make genuine Catholic liberal education available to all.

Keep the Financial Aid Office Informed of Any Outside Scholarships and Grants.
Students are responsible for informing the Financial Aid Office when they are notified of scholarship awards, regardless of whether they are receiving a financial aid package from the College, so the award can be properly noted on the student’s Payment Plan and Promissory Note. If a financial aid package has already been prepared for the student, Thomas Aquinas grant funds are reduced by the additional amount received from outside sources. If the amount received from outside sources exceeds the College grant, the Service Scholarship (work-study) is reduced by the remaining funds available from outside scholarships. Outside scholarships exceeding the College grant and Service Scholarship can be used to reduce the student loan or family payment.

Where can you find outside scholarships and grants?
First, students should look into their potential eligibility for state grants by contacting their state postsecondary education agency.

The majority of outside scholarships and grants, however, come from organizations in the student’s local community. You may find scholarships sponsored by your parish, high school, local businesses or local service organizations such as the Rotary Club, the American Legion, the Knights of Columbus, etc. Learn about the availability of such scholarships by contacting someone from the specific organization or by directly contacting its main headquarters. Another source may be your parents’ employer or your own employer if you are currently working.

Other scholarships and grants are offered to a wider community. For these awards, we have put together this web page to share information about scholarships and grants offered by businesses and philanthropic organizations.

Tip: You may want to set up a separate e-mail address to receive information from these search services and scholarships so that your regular inbox is not filled with advertisements from sponsors. Learn more valuable tips (PDF).

No-Fee Scholarship Search Services
There are many scholarship search resources online. Below is an alphabetical list of several reputable, no-fee services. The best search services are free, so there is no need to spend any money to use a search service. We suggest that you take a look at several of these search services, and then utilize the two or three that look like they will work the best for you.