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Apply: New England Campus

Apply: New England Campus

Requirements for Applying

  • Completion of the New England online application form and essays.
  • Three reference letters (at least two of which are to be written by recent teachers or people who have known you in an academic setting)
  • Standardized test scores from the SATACT, or CLT. When requesting that SAT scores be sent to Thomas Aquinas College, use CB code number 4828; for ACT, use code number 0425. 
  • Personal or telephone interviews if requested by the Admissions Committee
  • There is no application fee.
  • All high school (and college, if applicable) transcripts
  • Transcripts and reference letters should be mailed or e-mailed to:

Admissions Office
Thomas Aquinas College
231 Main Street
Northfield, MA 01360

​​​Note: In order to receive the full extent of religious-liberty protections under Massachusetts law, the College may admit only Catholic students to the New England campus. The California campus remains open, as always, to students of all faiths and religious traditions as long as they are respectful of the College’s Catholic mission and are willing to abide by Catholic moral teaching. 


Rolling Admissions Policy

The College operates on a rolling-admissions policy, meaning that qualified applicants will be offered admission according to the order in which they submit their applications. Recognizing that applicants have somewhat limited influence on the speed with which their reference letters, transcript(s), and test scores may arrive, the College will offer admission to prospective students accordingly:

  • For any qualified applicant for 2020-21 whose complete application* is received by September 30, 2019, admission will be offered according to the submission date of his or her essays.
  • For any qualified 20-21 applicant whose complete application* is received after September 30, 2019, admission will be offered according to the submission date of the last part of his or her application.

* A complete application includes: a Student Information Form, admissions essays, three references letters, transcript(s) of high school and college studies (if applicable), and standardized test scores.