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Joseph M. Haggarty

Office: St. Thomas Hall, Room 140
Phone: 805-525-4417
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Curriculum Vitae

B.A., Thomas Aquinas College, 1999; M.A., philosophy, Boston College, 2005; Ph.D., philosophy, Boston College, 2015; Teacher, Trivium School, 2000-2001; Teaching Fellow, Boston College, 2003-2006; Adjunct Professor, St. John’s Seminary (Boston, Massachusetts), 2015-2016; Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College, 2016- .



Three semesters into his undergraduate career at Yale, Dr. Joseph Haggarty experienced a sort of intellectual crisis. Neither his original major, physics, nor his new one, classics, yielded the sort of search for truth that he craved. “I began to doubt whether the kind of thing I was looking for was out there,” he says. “If it wasn’t going to be at a place like Yale, where would one find it?”

A friend’s recommendation led him to Thomas Aquinas College, where he “fell in love with this education,” he says. His four years as a student offered the pursuit of wisdom that he had sought; they also begat a deepening of faith. Upon graduating he considered various courses of graduate studies before settling on medieval philosophy, earning his master’s and doctoral degrees at Boston College.

During that time he and his wife, Caroline, welcomed five children. They raised their young family in Boston, where Dr. Haggarty taught at the Archdiocesan seminary until he learned of the “wonderful opportunity” to return to his alma mater in 2016.

As a Thomas Aquinas College tutor, Dr. Haggarty says he has a newfound appreciation for the subtle but important role that his tutors played in his own life. “I took for granted what they were doing for me,” he remarks. “Now I hope to come close to giving what I received.”