A Classmate Remembers Andrew Moore (’14)

Helen Madula ('14)By Helen Maduka ('14)

Only a few months ago Andrew Moore (’14) sent me a hand knitted scarf :-). He was a Saint. We spent a great deal of time together. He was in my section two years in a row and he had a profound effect on us all. He was a great intellectual and a very thoughtful friend. He was always willing to help me with my studies, go running or hiking with me, and we put our chains of consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary on one another earlier this year. When he wasn't running or studying, he was praying in front of the abortion clinic or in the Chapel. We would often pray the rosary together. He was so conscientious and loving. Given the circumstances of his death and his holy life, especially his zeal for his studies, I can confidently say that I have another friend in Heaven; for there is nowhere else that he could be. I will definitely pray for his wonderful family and to him.


Posted: July 24, 2012