Thomas Aquinas College students receive financial assistance from many sources, including high school scholarships, business scholarships, local service club scholarships, and National Merit Scholarships. Veterans Administration benefits are also available to qualified students. The College encourages students to apply for all such sources of aid. Students should also look into their potential eligibility for state grants by contacting their state postsecondary education agency.

Students are responsible for informing the Financial Aid Office when they are notified of scholarship awards, even if they have already received their financial package from the College. If a financial aid package has already been prepared, Thomas Aquinas grant funds are reduced by the additional amount received from outside sources. If the amount received from outside sources exceeds the College grant, the Service Scholarship is reduced by the remaining funds available from outside scholarships. Outside scholarships exceeding the College grant and Service Scholarship can be used to reduce the student loan or family payment.

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